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Grain from Kazakhstan
wheat, barley, bran, flour from Kazakhstan
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Wheat, barley, flour from Kazakhstan

For many years our company has been a leading grain producer in Kazakhstan. We grow wheat, barley, pea, oat, sunflower seeds, corn and rapeseeds. Most advanced milling equipment is used for grain processing, allowing us to also be one of the largest producers of wheat flour in Kazakhstan.

We consistently record high yields from our 144,000 hectares of land property in Northern and Western Kazakhstan. We export our products to Afghanistan, Iran, China and Russia.

We have everything it takes to be a leading grain producer in Kazakhstan.
A state-of-art agricultural equipment made by, but not limited to John Deere, Amazone and Catros.
Our own grain storage facilities, accessible by rail, and complete with grain handling, drying and cleaning equipment. Additionally we own a 600,000 L diesel fuel storage yard and a grain quality lab.

Product quality is our top priority. As professional seed farmers, we supply our seeds of several wheat cultivars to many countries, looking at improving their grain yields. Due to its climate Kazakhstan grows wheat that is world famous for its quality – on par with the best cultivars from Canada and USA.

In the past Kazakhstan was a main granary of the Soviet Union. Huge amount of arable lands with the population of only 15 million means that only a tiny percentage of crops can be consumed locally and naturally puts Kazakhstan into the world’s top ten wheat exporters and helps maintain an absolute lead in wheat flour exports. Islamic Afghanistan and Iran are large consumers of wheat flour with almost all of their supplies coming from Kazakhstan. This is the best evidence of our wheat quality.

We are constantly looking for reliable long-term export partners for the following range of export products from Kazakhstan:
- Durum wheat (Triticum Durum)
- Soft wheat (Triticum aestivum )
- Barley
- Corn
- Rapeseed
- Buckwheat
- Pea
- Oat
- Sunflower seeds
- Wheat flour
- Wheat bran
- Rape cake
- Sunflower cake

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